Mrs. Reagan!

I interviewed my principal,  Mrs.Reagan, and I asked her about herself, so listen along.  Mrs. Reagan’s favorite sport is track.  Mrs. Reagan’s favorite candy is Hershey’s.  Mrs. Reagan has been a principal for 11 years.  Mrs. Reagan has been a teacher.

How to Steal a Dog

This is How to Steal a Dog by Barbara Connor. This book is about a family of a mom and a son named Toby and a daughter named Georgina.  Gerogina is the main character and this is where the story gets bad: the dad leaves  them and they lived in a apartment.  When he left them, they had to take a little bit of stuff and live in their car.

Christmas in Spain

merry-christmas-pictures-freeMost people in Spain go to midnight mass called La Misa Del Gallo [The mass of the rooster]. It is called this because a rooster was supposed to have crowed the night that Jesus was born. Most familles eat their main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve before the service.The traditional Spanish Christmas is pavo trufado de Neidad which is mushrooms not the chocolate ones in Galicaia region in the northwest Spain surrounded by water.

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